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  2. Domain name offered: .fr .be .eu .com, .net, .xyz…

  3. More than 200 modern &customizable templates

₹ 100/Month

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Create a site with SiteBuilder Pro

Take advantage of our comprehensive and free video training on our YouTube channel. Access the site creation playlist

Launch your site in 3 steps!

Choose a template

More than 200 free themes suitable for all activities are available, you can even import a website or start from a blank page.

Personalize it

Add your texts, colors, photos, videos, buttons, prefabricated blocks like testimonials, your team, blog, menus, footers ...

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Go further

Add your social networks, facebook / instagram feed, contact forms, calendars, Google Maps or even a small online store ...

All the tools you need to create a website

Creating a professional site in the blink of an eye is possible with SiteBuilder Pro! Discover all the features available in SiteBuilder Pro and your LWS web hosting plan to easily create, launch and manage your website.

Create a designer and attractive store

Over 200 free modern themes are available. There is something for all activities. Click on your favorite template and edit it directly.

The themes are categorized into several categories to help you find the right one for you: business, art, event, hotel, food, education, health, energy, nature, services, entertainment, social, technology, personal page, blog, e- commerce, sport, transport, travel, etc …

Discover the available designs

A responsive site visible on all devices

Your sales site must be responsive (responsive design) in order not to miss any sales. Most internet browsing is done from a tablet or smartphone . Creating a website not optimized for these media would be a waste of money.

Fortunately, SiteBuilder Pro’s graphical themes are optimized for all media. You don’t have to do anything, the themes and your blocks automatically adapt to the different devices of your visitors!

Easy & quick customization, without programming

No coding or design knowledge is needed to build your own website with SiteBuilder Pro. Everything is automated and intuitive.

Edit or add images, videos, texts as you see fit. Nothing could be easier than to lay out your site, choose the colors and fonts… Simply drag and drop the elements and blocks of your choice on your pages.

A free image bank is at your disposal and integrated into the software to help you create a quality website effortlessly.

Be visible on search engines

  • SiteBuilder Pro’s optimization tool allows you to enter keywords, titles and descriptions on every page. This allows you to improve the SEO referencing of your site and thus to be better placed on Google for example.
  • A 75 € AdWords coupon is offered to you, it allows your site to be first on Google for a while on selected keywords!
  • The speed of LWS web hosting also contributes to your success. The faster a site, the more Google highlights it .

Optimize the SEO of my SiteBuilder Pro site

Selling on the internet

It is very easy to create a small online store without technical knowledge with SiteBuilder Pro. Sell ​​two – three items in the easiest of ways and let your customers pay through PayPal, for example.

To launch a larger site, we recommend our optimized e-commerce solutions (Prestashop or Woocommerce software of your choice)

Add your social networks

Insert your profiles and publications from different social networks on your website very easily.

Add the profile and post feed from your Facebook page by dragging and dropping the item anywhere on your page. You can also add a Facebook comments system, your Instagram feed (chronological or random order), your latest Tweets on Twitter, a Spotify subscribe button, Pinterest and more!

Add social networks to my site

Import your existing site and modify it with SiteBuilder Pro

Transfer your existing website to our site builder by simply entering your site link. Nothing’s easier !

SiteBuilder Pro will automatically import your site into its editor, so you can easily edit it. Adjustments will probably have to be made from the editor, but this system allows you not to start from scratch.

Test our free online demo

Test SiteBuilder Pro for free and discover all its features. In the demo version, everything that was created will be reset in 24 hours.

This is the opportunity to test everything, preview the rendering on computer, tablet and mobile!

Advertise on the Internet

Promoting your website allows you to reach out to a wider audience. Beautiful ads with good targeting can be very profitable! Here are some proven solutions, give them a try! We will provide you with links to obtain free Google Adwords coupons of 123 € and Bing of 50 € (+ 75 € if 15 € spent).

Facebook Ads

Advertise on Facebook and target people who may be interested in your products among the two billion active users. Decide which products to highlight and how much you want to spend and go!

Google Ads

Advertise on Google with Google Shopping ads and promote your site in the top search results. You choose the audience and the products to promote and get featured!

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Bing Ads

Bing Ads works the same as Google Ads, target a different audience (a little older age group). Less used than Google, you have less competition, so advertising costs are lower.

Communicate with business email addresses

We offer you personalized email addresses in the form to communicate effectively with your visitors or customers. Offer a newsletter (to be created via an external tool) to allow them to receive your news!

Domain offered 1 year

A domain name is offered to you for 1 year from the moment of registration. Choose from many extensions like .com .fr .net .xyz .online .org .be .eu…

At renewal you will take advantage of the advantageous rates that can offer an accredited registrar such as LWS.

For what purpose do you want to create a website easily?

I want to
create a small personal site, a portfolio, blog, a site
about sports or my travels…

I want to
create a small personal site, a portfolio, blog, a site
about sports or my travels…

I want to
create a small personal site, a portfolio, blog, a site
about sports or my travels…

I want to
create a small personal site, a portfolio, blog, a site
about sports or my travels…

Rs. 100/Month

Turnkey site creation solution

We design your shop for you in 10 days from 349€!

No time to devote or sufficient knowledge to design your store? Our team of designers and writers creates a tailor-made website for you. Submit us your ideas, specifications, logo… Receive a well-referenced professional site on Google!

+200 customizable graphic themes

It is important to bring your site to life by choosing an attractive model. All these templates are included with your LWS + SiteBuilder Pro solution.

Company site themes, craftsman, hotel, restaurant, education, services, portfolio, sport, travel, etc… There is one for all activities!

Contact us on 0177623003 or Chat with an advisor

Telephone contact from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Create your website yourself!

Here are some testimonials from our customers using our services to host and design their site. More than 2600 reviews have been posted on Trustpilot

LWS is a trusted company

We host major brands, but not only… Since 1999, tens of thousands of individuals and companies have trusted LWS to host their websites, emails, backups or register their domains…

They talk about us

LWS is cited and recognized in numerous press articles, both in the form of written articles and video interviews.

FAQ - Create a website

It is a turnkey solution that allows you to create your site either even and without technical knowledge.

The formula includes site creation software and custom email addresses.

perfectly! If you want to create a website but have limited technical knowledge, don't worry. Go slowly, at your own pace.

The LWS SiteBuilder Pro website building pack is exactly what you need!

SiteBuilder Pro propose :

Mise en place des éléments de votre page par glissé déposé et interface de votre page intuitive.
More than 200 themes categorized and cover almost all areas and sectors of activity

The themes are customizable from the editor. You can customize the colors and background images of each of the pages of your site, but also customize the styles (essentially the font, its size, its type, its color...).

A page editor.

You have a top menu that allows you to add all types of content (called "modules") to your site by dragging and dropping.

Your site is pre-edited: all you have to do is customize the content by replacing the default texts with your own texts, adding your own images, etc.

Third-party applications

LWS SiteBuilder offers a few third-party applications, allowing you to enrich the functionality on your site. But it's quite limited. For example, you can add a Google Maps map (or a Yandex, Bing or Baidu card), payment modules (about fifteen available), YouTube or Vimeo videos, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), a Skype call button, AdSense ads, a contact form...

Once you're familiar with your SiteBuilder Pro website builder software and publish your website, the possibilities are endless

Are you a lawyer, a doctor or looking for a job?
You can easily create a legal website to attract new customers or simply gain visibility.

If you are looking for a job, you can easily present your CV online in order to get the job of your dreams!

Whether it's to post and share photos of your family or to promote your business and product line, SiteBuilder Pro will meet your needs for any new creation or redesign of an existing site. Websites are so versatile, everyone should have one.

Several elements are essential to create a website and SiteBuilderPro meets all these criteria!

First of all, make sure that there is a wide choice of webdesign templates or templates (in html5, css3, responsive) and that can match your needs.

A bank of free images will be a plus and will prove that the software is very complete. A good site creation software should allow you to make changes on your website at any time

Also remember to check that in case of change of themes, you will be able to change them and you will not lose all your text data for example.

SiteBuilderPro addresses all of these points. Although technology has come a long way, many people still need help when they learn how to create a website if only for graphic charter.

Fortunately, LWS guarantees you support 7 days a week to accompany you in your project.

SiteBuilder Pro can allow the sale of a few products (and this without touching the css html code, just with the Wysiwyg type editor), but we do not recommend it if you want to sell more than a dozen products.

With this formula, you can create a new domain or come to transfer your domain without problem if it is with another host.

A FREE domain name is included with the purchase of an LWS plan!

At LWS, all our packs are scalable, you can change the formula at any time if the one chosen is not enough, and without data loss.

You can upgrade at any time from your customer area in the 'change formula' section or if you have the slightest doubt, a sales representative remains at your disposal in the 'support' section.

If you need technical or commercial help, from your customer area, you will be able to open a ticket/contact in the 'Support' section.

You will receive a reply within 2 working hours and then a reply notification will also be sent to you by email to the associated email address of your customer area.

Our technicians also have a vast collection of help documents to be able to help you in your projects.

Yes! SiteBuilder Pro allows you to insert an image gallery on your website.

In some activities, the use of an image gallery can be useful in order to exhibit one's work.

The list of uses of an image gallery is long because it can be used in almost all areas of activity such as architecture, photography, development.

However, a well-made image gallery can provoke more interest among visitors!

With SiteBuilder Pro, you will be able to integrate your own videos through Youtube.

Using video can be effective in several cases. When you create help tutorials for your customers, videos of your activities but also to explain how your business works or the products you sell.

The objective of a video is to allow your visitors to get a precise idea about a product, a cooking recipe or the operation of your services.

Yes! Sitepro allows you to create responsive sites, which adapt according to the screen so that all your customers can see it from any device: computer, tablet and mobile.

Yes if we take the exact meaning of CMS namely: Content management system which is a family of software intended for the design and dynamic update of websites or multimedia applications.

But the advantage of Sitebuiler pro compared to a CMS like WordPress and especially that it is much simpler to use, you do not need to have computer knowledge, nor FTP software

Your web project becomes simple.

Today, when we are looking for information, we start our research on the web.

This is why website creation has exploded in recent years. You have no technical knowledge but want to create your website with ease, thanks to LWS, here is a solution that allows you to create a website simply.

This software fits very well for a personal site as well as for a small company that does not have the means to afford a webmaster to build their complete website or a showcase website

Create your own website quickly to make sure your future customers find you while they are still in their searches.

The Internet is evolving rapidly, it's time to get started! Don't have a company? You want a website to communicate with family, friends and other people who share your passions. Fortunately, it is easy and inexpensive to make your own site.

SiteBuilder pro from LWS is a professional quality site builder (also available in free version) especially much easier to handle and cheaper most of the time.

You can do with any type of website, all the necessary tools are included for free (SEO tools, smartphone and tablet compatibility, responsive design, online editor), so that creating your own site becomes a breeze!

No need to buy a domain name, it is included in every offer as well as free hosting

Simply because we are a supplier and not a reseller, so there is no intermediary it is the ideal tool for creating a cheap website.

Of course! Contact us and we will advise you a wide choice of quality partners and at reasonable prices!

- A turnkey showcase site 5 pages for 349 € delivered in 10 days.

- A turnkey e-commerce site 10 products for 349 € delivered in 10 days.

To order, simply become an LWS customer then we put you in touch with our partners and agencies for creating LWS certified sites. And they will take care of your project.

Yes! If you want to create a website but have limited technical knowledge, don't worry. Go slowly, at your own pace.

The LWS SiteBuilder Pro website building pack is exactly what you need.

You have the ideas. We have the tools to make it a reality.

Just browse our library of website templates: choose the layout that's right for you, customize the colors, replace the images with your own, and add your own text.

With LWS's LWS SiteBuilder Pro website building pack, building your own website is really nice.