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Google offers an extensive lineup of cloud-based apps, all built to work seamlessly with a broad range of operating systems, devices, and browsers—Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, Vault, and Hangouts just to name a few.

When your business is ready to make the switch to the more robust and highly dependable G Suite, the deployment step of the migration might sound intimidating, but it need not be; iFeeltech has got you covered as far as the technical aspects of it go.


When Google Apps for Work rebranded to G Suite, it was a lot more than just a refresh of old services; the new collection of cloud-based tools offered a ton of new services and features that include machine learning capability for teams of any sizes.

Besides offering robust data analysis and editing and collaboration tools, G Suite enables users to collaborate and share with other team members and to keep all their devices in sync with G-Drive, an ample cloud-based storage.


Google’s suite of apps and tools grows with your business, giving entrepreneurs the flexibility to add and remove users with ease, access personalized emails with no downtime or added costs, and centralize business communications.

Better still, G Suite allows users to quickly set up other third-party tools they are familiar with such as Microsoft Outlook and CRM systems to sync and track their messages, files, and other business data.

Google’s 2-Step Verification system enabled on G Suite services offers an extra and critical layer of security, especially in these times of rampant business data breaches.

WHY CHOOSE HostingInIndia

Why buy G Suite from us when I can directly buy it from Google?

We offer the product at a similar pricing with the additional advantage of managing all your web based services under one panel.

Why should I pay for G Suite when Google offers similar products for free?

With G Suite, you get a number of additional business-grade services not included in the free consumer product, including: professional email @yourdomain, additional storage across Gmail and Drive, interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, enhanced security features, and full administration of all user accounts.

Is G Suite compatible with the email client I use today?

Yes, depending on the client, you can use either the IMAP or POP mail protocol. If you’re switching to G Suite from Microsoft Exchange or some other Outlook service, you can use G Suite Sync.

Do you offer Money-Back Guarantee on G Suite?

Unfortunately, we do not offer Money-Back Guarantee on this product as it is not extended to us.

Can I transfer my current G Suite account to Hostinginindia?

Yes, you will be able to transfer your existing G Suite account to Hostinginindia. (Existing tenure with the other provider, if any, will not be moved to us.)

How do pricing and billing work?

The following are the prices applicable for customers based on their country:

  • – India – Rs. 135 per account per month

Your per account pricing reduces when purchased for a higher tenure.

Will Hostinginindia help with my support requirements for G Suite?

Yes, Hostinginindia will directly manage all DNS and Account setup related issues.